About us

Established over fifty years ago by grandad Tita, Pasticceria Cargnello is now run by Michele and Serena, with the unfailing support of Mamma Annarita.

In the journey from small bakery to today's cake shop, we have taken care to maintain and enhance our traditions in a positive crescendo where research and innovation go hand in hand with quality and genuine ingredients.

Annarita Cargnello

Michele Cargnello


The brains behind practically everything created in the company. Like every boss she wears many hats but her real passion is window dressing


Obsessed with computers and music, he makes every recipe that comes to mind, baking cakes with the music turned up high. If only he could find the time to try out all his ideas!


A thinker and writer, she's always ready with friendly advice for our customers…. "I fancy something sweet!" She's constantly learning foreign languages and marketing… I wonder what she's up to?

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