Cakes and Pastries

Our company comes straight from the heart.
We bring passion and dedication to every facet of our production process: whether it's selecting our raw material suppliers — some are "small" authentic set-ups like ours including producers of Piedmont hazelnuts (Nocciola Tonda Gentile PGI) and almonds from Apulia — or carefully wrapping the final product to meet the individual customer's needs.

Typical Desserts

zaetì · ciambelle
torta fregolotta
crostata alle mandorle
fave dei morti

Bussolà cargnello

Cakes And Pastries

pasticcini cargnello

Our product range will meet your every need with cakes for everyday and cakes for special occasions; corporate or personalised gifts; celebrations and weddings.

panettone & festività natalizie



Frittelle · Galani · Castagnole

We prefer to make our products by hand, avoiding the use of machines, to add value to traditions while inventing and innovating.
In fact, you'll find that no two products are exactly alike with their uniqueness expressing the commitment of the people working with us.


Coffee Bar

Although the idea of roasting our own beans came to us almost by chance, we have always been inspired by the idea of extending our artisan approach to the magical world of coffee.

So for some years now we have been producing our own blend by ourselves, roasting it once weekly and packing it without added preservatives: enjoy it here or buy it in handy bags to take home.

Our philosophy of wholesomeness means that our decaffeinated coffee is solvent-free thanks to a process that involves washing the raw beans with water.


The perfume of raw coffee transformed into an aroma by rapid roasting times can only be described while sipping a restorative espresso.

Ice-Cream Parlour

The cool new idea we introduced in the last summer has proven to be a red-hot success!

Our long-awaited dream finally came true, allowing us to offer our customers a fresh alternative to our bakery products in the summer months

We use the same simple high quality ingredients in our baked products, with a strong emphasis on seasonal local produce.

So don't be surprised if you find grape ice cream instead of peach in September!

Our ice cream is made strictly without artificial flavours and colours making it a wholesome, and irresistible, daily temptation